国外VPS拼什么?DirectSpace SSD VPS

DirectSpace上线了SSD VPS,价格比我之前在DirectSpace买的DSVPS.1贵了$5,一共$20/年,看看SSD VPS的配置。

DirectSpace SSD VPS
DirectSpace SSD VPS

The VPS Setup

Intel CPU Node Environment | All SSD RAID-10.
SolusVM Complete VPS Management Control Panel
Unlimited Instant OS Reloads
Now Providing Fully Automated Daily External Backups
Full Root AccessTwo IPv4 and Two IPv6 Free

The Virtual Environment

DirectSpace undersells and prioritizes our VPS host machines for high end disk performance and I/O speeds. Our VPS services come self managed - software and entire setup of the VPS is completely up to you. Completely root access is provided for ease of readying your VPS for your personal or business use.

VPS Control Panels

Webmin FREE
Kloxo FREE
KDE+VNC Remote Desktop FREE